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Mirfa Gafoor

Fees : 1500INR Onwards

Fees: 1500 INR Onwards Book Now

About Me

My styling  is rooted in a deep understanding of contemporary fashion trends and a keen aesthetic sense, honed through my education and experiences at NIFT. I specialize in creating cohesive and visually captivating looks across various styles, including Western, Street, and Ethnic wear, for diverse demographics. I possess a nuanced understanding of the various body types and skin tones of Indian clients, allowing me to style them according to each occasion with an eye for aesthetic appeal. My unique perspective allows me to tell compelling visual stories through clothing, ensuring that each piece not only looks stunning but also resonates with the intended narrative and personality. Whether crafting outfits for party wear, work wear, evening wear, club wear, or intimate wear, my goal is to Help you to look  classy , elegant  and timeless, reflecting the individuality and lifestyle of the wearer.

Visions of Gedion

This recreation of AD shoots of label diksha Khanna , Diksha Khanna is an alumni of NIFT, Delhi and School of Textiles and Design, University of Leeds, UK. It was while studying Design at University of Leeds, that Diksha developed a keen interest in the textiles aspect of the discipline , concept is story of biblical character which is , Gideon was a young and a doubtful prophet who received visions from Yahweh. In his visions he was assured about his victory in the next battle b but still he doubted in the odds of god's existence , so he never really believed in his visions.

Malabari Styling

A Symphony of 1001 Nights” is a captivating blend of Arabian and South Indian Malabar aesthetics, manifested in a collection of handloom lehengas. Inspired by the enchanting tales of Arabian Nights . The majestic backdrop of the historic Arakkal Palace in Kannur, this shoot seamlessly blends the enchanting allure of Arabian Nights with the rich Islamic aesthetics of India. The architecture and ambiance of the Arakkal Palace provide an opulent canvas to showcase a fusion of Arabian and Indian elements, creating a harmonious tapestry of cultural beauty. The models will be adorned in bespoke ensembles that merge the intricate details of Islamic design with the opulence of Arabian fashion, featuring luxurious fabrics, ornate embroidery, and vibrant hues. The play of light and shadow within the palace’s grandeur will accentuate the mystical ambiance, capturing the essence of a timeless love story between two cultures.

  • Body Structure AnalysisFee: INR 1500/-
  • Colour AnalysisFee: INR 1500/-
  • Virtual Shopping AssistanceFee: INR 2000/-
  • Occasion Based StylingFee: INR 1500/-

Stylist intern

SUEE BRAND · Internship

May 2023 - August 2023

My role was to style models for their AD shoots of coming collection.

designer and stylist

label kriti · Internship

March 2023 - March 2023

My role was to style the models who participating for ramp walk for brand kriti in LULU Fashion week.




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