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Our professional stylist would recommend  you the most fashionable outfits and accessories assembled from your very own wardrobe!

We also provide shopping assistance.

Steps for Styling the Gorgeous You!
Step 1

We would  recommend you to please share with us:

  1. Details on your styling preferences
  2. Details of the occasion
  3. Professional styling fee of Rs 1000/-
Step 2

On receiving your details our team would reach out to you within 1 working day :

  1. Images of yourself for the stylist to understand your persona
  2. Images of your garments and accessories, from your wardrobe, you are considering. These images could be shared via whatsapp or Google drive. This could be upto 100 images. In case of shopping suggestions, this could be skipped. 
  3. Request for access to Instagram account . Optional to assist us with a more detailed understanding of your preferences.
Step 3

Our team of stylists will analyse the details and share with you :

  1. Shopping Suggestions ( If requested)
  2. Moodboards of recommended outfits.

You could then glide with confidence with your distinct fashion sense and ensure you are the best dressed at the gathering.